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The County Councils

Are the government body of the provinces, that are territorial entities compound by groups of municipalities.

Their most important powers are to co-ordinate the municipal services for its appropriate provision, to assist legally, economically and technically the municipalities and to provide public services of supramunicipal nature. They also co-operate in order to encourage the provincial territory, for which they approve, every year, co-operation plans for the public repairs and municipal services.

In Castilla y León there are nine provinces and, thus, nine County councils. These are their web pages:

Each county council is composed of a President and a variable number of members of Parliament according to the population. They are elected by the regional ministers and among those ministers that are part of each district under the jurisdiction of a local court. The term office is four years.

The basic rules that regulate the County Councils are within the Act 7/1985, 2nd April, that regulates the local Regime