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The regional Government President

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The Statute of Autonomy states that the President of the regional government is the region's maximum representative and the country's representative in the region; he also holds the presidency of the regional Government, direct its activities and co-ordinates the functions of its members.

The Castilla y León regional Parliament elect the President among its members. This means that he/she must be a Parliament deputy.

Its regulation is explained with detail, in the Act 3/2001, 3rd July, of the Government and Administration of Castilla y León region, that enumerates its powers, giving special significance to those called basic powers.

The basic powers are:

  • To call for elections at the regional Parliament according to the Statute of Autonomy.
  • To dissolve the regional Parliament according to law.
  • To enact, on behalf of the King, the laws passed by the Castilla y León regional Parliament as well as to order its publication in the Castilla y León Official Gazette, and the subsequent publication in the Spanish Official Gazette.
  • To establish relationships with the other Administrations and public Institutions.
  • To sign the co-operation and collaboration agreements of the autonomous region when appropriate.
  • To propose before the regional Parliament, previous deliberation of the Castilla y León regional Government, the vote of confidence.

Among the other functions: to manage and co-ordinate the government actions, to appoint and remove the regional ministers, to call and chair the meetings of the Government Council, to sign the decrees and agreements of the regional Government, to watch for the observance of the regional government decisions, to create, modify and remove the regional ministries. He also has the power to appoint one of more Vice-presidents.

The regional Government Presidency has the head office in Valladolid at Plaza de Castilla y León, 1.

Presidents of the regional Government of Castilla y León since 1983
President Period
Demetrio Madrid López 1983-1986
José Constantino Nalda García 1986-1987
José María Aznar López 1987-1989
Jesús María Posada Moreno 1989-1991
Juan José Lucas Jiménez 1991-2001
Juan Vicente Herrera Campo 2001-

Source: Castilla y León regional Government

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More information: Juan Vicente Herrera Campo, President of the Junta de Castilla y León