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The Ombudsman of Castilla y León

The ombudsman institution, whose main function is to defend the citizen’s Fundamental Rights, arises from the Spanish Constitution of 1978. In imitation of this institution, the autonomous regions have included in their statutes a similar figure but with different names. In our region it is called “the Ombudsman of Castilla y León” and, after it was created by the Statute of Autonomy, it has been regulated by the  Ley 2/1994, de 9 marzo 1994 que regula Procurador del Común de Castilla y León

According to this Act and subsequent alterations, the Ombudsman of Castilla y León must carry out certain functions, apart from the classic function of the Ombudsmen (to protect and defend the rights and freedoms of the citizens and to control the Public Administration). Those functions are: the defence of the Castilla y León Statute of Autonomy, and the guardianship of the legal system of Castilla y León.

The most common function is to solve the citizen’s complaints regarding their rights defence, making recommendations to the public administrations.

The Ombudsman is appointed by the regional Parliament in a meeting convened for that purpose. There must be a majority of three-fifths. The term of office is five years. He/she could be re-elected for a second term of office.

The Ombudsman of Castilla y León head office

The head office located at 

Procurador del Común

Sierra Pambley, nº 4. C.P.: 24003 León.

987 27 00 95

987 27 01 43

987 27 31 41

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