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The regional Consultive Committee

It is the supreme consultive body of the regional Government and the region's Public Administration and develops its activity with full autonomy in order to guarantee its objectivity and independence.

Its functions, legal system and organisation are developed in the  Ley 1/2002, de 9 abril 2002 reguladora del Consejo Consultivo de Castilla y León

The Consultive Committee organises its functions around two kind of consultive actions:

  • Compulsory: refers to those matters that need to be consulted by the Autonomic Administration.
  • Non compulsory: raised by the President of the regional government and the regional Parliament in matters that have a special significance or repercussion.

Also the local Corporations must demand the report of the Committee if it is legally established and may ask queries when the Plenary group decides so, due to the matter significance and if the Committee agrees.

The Castilla y León Consultive Committee is composed of two kind of regional ministers: the elected ones, which are five (three of them are appointed by the regional Parliament and two by the regional Government); and those that are ministers just because they were Presidents of the regional Government and are citizens of Castilla y León. The President will be appointed by the Committee among the elected members.

The official headquarters are located in

Consejo Consultivo de Castilla y León

Agustín Sánchez de Vega

Plaza de la Catedral, 5. C.P.: 49001 Zamora.

980 559 800

980 559 801

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More information: Castilla y León Consultive Committee